Conditioning Routine For Beginner Boxers

If you are a little overweight and looking for options to burn down some calories or, maybe just too inactive and wishing to build that iron body look for the summer, you may had heard about Boxing as a weapon to demolish fat and develop a pro fighters shape and conditioning.

Reality is, that rumors are 100% right, because of the skill set and demands required for the sport, Boxing is a great method to achieve a great overall fitness and wellness, as you’ll have to punch hard and move your whole body at high intensity.

Actually, boxing is considered by many scientist as the physically and mentally most demanding sport on the planet, so be ready to conquer your mind and body as a whole unit.

What do I need to introduce myself to “the noble art”? More than boxing gloves or a mouth guard, you need to gain some base aerobic conditioning, if you wish to learn the technique at the same time you’re trying to build some endurance, both things will be harder for you.

So focus on building stamina before stepping into the ring. Developing an acceptable endurance level to initiate a boxing training program, is not the hardest thing to do, but it requires discipline and self determination, 95% of the work is just showing up!

Beginner Conditioning Routine

Before you do any of this you’ll need a nice warm up routine that activates the body and keeps you injury-free.

Be sure you complete this 7 minutes warm up and build up a sweat before beginning any training session:

  • – Lateral movement (Right to left – Left to right) x 30 sec
  • – Jumping jacks x 30 sec
  • – Knee front raises (alternate legs) x 30 sec
  • – Heels to Butt (Leg flexion) x 30 sec
  • – Hip Flexion-Extension x 30 sec

*Rest 15 sec in between exercises. Make it two rounds just to make sure your body is ready to go (1 min rest per round)

Phase 1:

You can begin your conditioning by hiking or walking at high phase, this can be done for about 3-4 days straight, try to push yourself as the sessions pass by.

This is if your fitness level as at the absolute minimum, skip to phase 2 if you’re not super out of shape.

Phase 2:

It’s time to hit the road (or track field and treadmill); it’s easier on your knees. Run for about 12-15 min, with moderate intensity this can be done everyday for one week.

Strength & Conditioning

Endurance is key in boxing, but strength is always a nice asset to carry, so you’ll have to include it in your conditioning sessions.

Go for: 100 reps of pushups, squats and sit ups. Doesn’t matter how many reps per set; just complete the 100 reps under 30 min.

You have to always work by a specific amount of time, that’s how boxing is and you should get use to it, time is the master and the disaster!

This short but sweet body weight boxing routine can be done before or after your running sessions, mix it up and find out what suits you the best.

Do the math and this will be an introductory training program for about 10 days to reach an acceptable endurance level before getting into boxing, stick to it and you should be good to go to throw some leather.

Make sure to join a martial arts or boxing academy with qualified instructors that teach you proper fundamentals. Remember to protect yourself at all times, have fun and stay healthy!