How To Throw A Proper Power Punch

There’s nothing more exciting about boxing than a professional fight, with a sudden fulminating one punch knockout, it’s an adrenaline rush, something very scary and exciting to witness.

This is something that not all the boxers are able to pull off, since punching power is a natural gift in most of the cases, but for sure everybody can learn the fundamentals of throwing a proper power punch, it’s a matter of time and practice to nail it.

Reality is, that accuracy can be more deadly than power; is more about where you hit than how hard you hit it.

But when good technique, accuracy and explosiveness come together you have the perfect blend to produce a demolishing knockout.

The power of a punch lays on two things, acceleration and mass. The mass depends on proper technique and acceleration on your muscle strength, both elements totally trainable.

In this article we’ll review a few pointers on how to achieve Mike Tyson’s brutal punching power.

As we mentioned before, mass is a key element to punch properly, you have to be able to transfer your body weight into your hand.

To do this you’ll have to use feet, hip and torso rotation perfectly synchronized.

The momentum of a punch comes from your feet, all the way up to your boxing glove and finally transferred into your opponents shin/body.

Good base is essential too when it comes to power, you may have to sit on your punches to reach the desired effect. Trajectory is crucial as well.

A common mistake is to punch “to the object” however, you are suppose to hit “through the object”, so every time you look forward to punch viciously, imagine that your hand goes all the way “through” the heavy bag (or your sparring partner) and comes out from the back of it.

It’s about how far you throw your punches, always aim farther than where your target is.

Go for the neck, chest, belly and soft spots (right under the ribs, behind the elbows) when trying to punch hard, since the head is a more elusive target and power punches are often easier to guess.

Another fundamental about punching power is fighting distance. It’s harder to punch hard from long range, usually the mid and close range punches are the most effective ones; hooks, uppercuts and body shots are the weapon of choice for power punchers.

Keep in mind that power punching is not brawling, you can be a very technical and defensive boxer and still be able to carry fire on your hands as well, is all about balance.

The more skills you manage, the more confident you will feel in a fight or sparring. Whether you are a brawler or a technique-freak refined boxer, for sure you’ll be glad to punch with power, this will make your rival think twice before engaging or try to cut the ring on you, just don’t forget to work on your defense, since your rivals can punch with power too!