How to Get an MMA Fighter’s Physique

Have you ever wanted to get an MMA fighter’s physique? Have you ever wondered how Conor McGregor and other MMA Superstars get that well-defined lean, muscular frame?

A ripped body is something we can definitely be proud of. Having an MMA fighter’s physique is truly a remarkable achievement whatever your purpose is.

Some aim for the defined muscles and six-pack abs to impress people while some people just want to look and feel healthy.

For you to have that, you have to train like an MMA fighter. It may sound easy but trust me, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to be like one.

An MMA fighter’s body is one that is specially designed for strength, speed, endurance, power and coordination.

Over the years, MMA has become so popular that there are so many references out there telling you how to get ripped like a fighter but let me make it easy for you.

Here’s a rundown of the things you should do to get that dream MMA body of yours.

Build a Strong Core

Strengthening the core (waist, hips and back) is a must for every athlete, especially for MMA fighters.

A strong core is a fighter’s foundation for stability, balance, power and strength.

The core acts as a fighter’s control center, giving way to explosive athletic movements of the whole body.

A strong core also protects our vital organs and prevents potential injuries and body pains. Core exercises include:

Swiss Ball Crunches– lie down and position your back on an exercise ball, making sure your knees are firmly placed on the floor.

Put your hands behind your head and slowly curl your shoulders and trunk upwards while ensuring you feel a contraction on your abdominals.

Hold on for a second and go back to the original position. Keep your neck steady and your lower back attached to the ball during this exercise.

Similar core exercises include:

  • Planks
  • Dumbbell Side Bends
  • Floor Crunches
  • Cable Crunches
  • Leg Raise
  • Twisting Movements.

Remember that you should also prioritize your upper and lower body in order to complete your MMA body goals.

Bench presses, medicine ball, barbell and dumbbell squats, walking lunges and deadlifts are some exercises you can perform.

Train Like an MMA Fighter

As mentioned earlier, you have to do what MMA fighters do.

This includes taking martial art classes such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo and Muay Thai. These classes help you build discipline, fighting skills and determination.

Yes, I’m sure you want to look aesthetically good but make sure to start with the right attitude for the real MMA fighter establishes his strength and power from within.

The sculpted abs and amazing physique are a big plus, of course.

Follow a Strict Diet

This is something that will forever be included in any training program. What you eat truly matters and it is absolutely one of your primary keys to success.

To fight like a champion, you have to eat like a champion. An MMA fighter’s diet typically includes whole food, nuts and seeds, lean meat, unsweetened dairy, vegetables and fruits and whole grains.

It should also be composed of the right amount of protein and carbohydrates.


The right mindset, the proper workout and the right nutrition plan are your keys to success. To get that MMA physique you’ve always wanted, you also have to follow the recommended workout and reps for your body.