Will BJJ Get You In Shape?

BJJ is often branded as more technical than physical. It’s true that people without crazy athletic gifts can still become excellent BJJ players.

But this sometimes leads to the misconception that BJJ cannot get you into great physical shape.

So in this article, let’s dispel the myth. BJJ can get you in very good shape. It may not be the quickest way to get shredded – but it may be one of the most sustainable.

First though, let’s get one thing clear.

You Can’t Outtrain A Bad Diet

This is true for all forms of training and exercise. If you have not been blessed with an incredibly fast metabolism – eating too much/too badly will make you fat.

So if your diet is poor, BJJ won’t get you ripped – but neither will any other form of training. If you want to see gains from BJJ – make sure you’re consuming the right amount of calories, and the right type of calories.

But assuming you’ve got that figured out – here are some reasons why BJJ can get you in tip-top shape – both aesthetically and functionally.

It’s Exercise That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

When you are drilling or rolling with a partner, you’re focused on the game. Your mind is either on winning, improving a technique or observing your partner.

When your attention is so deeply focused on the game of BJJ – your mind doesn’t have the bandwidth to consider quitting very easily.

If you’re on a bench pushing dumbbells or on a treadmill jogging away, it’s a lot easier for your mind to wander, focus on the pain, and make you quit.

When that happens, you quit sooner, burn less calories, make less gains, and consequently feel bad about yourself. BJJ is one of the few sports where the fun overrides the tiredness. You won’t believe how far you can push your body.

BJJ Will Give You Functional, All-Round Strength Gains and Fat-Loss

BJJ training will take your body to different training types on a regular basis. Between warmups, drills and rolling – your body will go to every heart-rate and every type of exercise on a regular basis.

When rolling slow or warming up – you will get the benefits of aerobic low intensity steady state (LISS) training – which helps raise your cardiovascular endurance and burns your fat stores directly.

Rolling faster and doing explosive drills will take you to anaerobic, high intensity interval training (HIIT.)

This helps you speed up recovery, improve strength and speed, as well as burning huge amounts of calories in a short time.

Finally, you will work “forgotten” muscles that a typical gym-goer might fail to engage. Which is a great way to develop a well-balanced and better performing body.

In short, BJJ is a great way to get in fitter, stronger, faster and better looking.

As long as you train consistently and stay mindful of your diet – you can expect to see solid results.

What’s best is that you get two-for-the-price-of-one: fitness and grappling skills – something no treadmill, bar or dumbbell can ever promise.