Will BJJ Make You More Confident?

Almost every martial art studio will claim that they can make you more confident.

You will see it on posters. You will see it on websites. Even classic movies like the Karate Kid show you a journey of a bullied kid who grows into a strong and respectable person.

There is truth to these claims. So in this post, let’s dive into how BJJ can make you more confident.

BJJ Will Teach You How To Deal With Failure

If you haven’t trained BJJ before, there is no light way to put this. You will lose, many times.

You will fail techniques, you will get submitted several times in the space of a minute. You will fall for the same set-ups over and over again. If you aim to compete – you may lose a match, or at least not win the way you wanted.

Failure in BJJ is unavoidable. And everybody around you will be at different stages. But BJJ will teach you how to get up from it, how to not take it too personally, and how to come back the next day with a smile on your face.

Like the saying goes “you are the average of the 5 people you spend time with.” In a BJJ gym – everybody will be dealing with failure, getting back up and trying again.

And before you know it – you’ll have built a kind of resilience you never thought you had.

BJJ Will Give You A Growth Mindset

On the flipside of failure is growth. As you progress, you will notice changes.

You’re stronger. You’re faster. You’re much more efficient with your energy. People who used to mop the floor with you are now struggling to survive against you in practice.

Your set-ups are more complex, your defense is tighter.

You are not the same person anymore. You’re a better, stronger and significantly improved version of yourself.

And the only thing that got you there was your own hard work.

When you experience just how much you can change by applying yourself – you start to look at life differently. You don’t get discouraged when you’re bad at something anymore.

Being a novice won’t scare you. Because deep down, you will gain the unshakeable belief that through consistent practice – you can and you will improve. That mindset carries over into everything you do.

Competence Equals Confidence

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and confidence, is the belief that you aren’t good at anything.

Getting good at BJJ gives you a baseline level of confidence that a fast mouth and a cocky demeanor cannot match. When we have something we’re good at, our self-esteem improves, and it carries throughout our behaviour.

Go into any BJJ gym, and you will hear stories of a meek kid who walked in years ago with darting eyes and slumped shoulders.

A few years later, that kid is probably a completely different person. This is a common story, and pretty much every BJJ gym has one.

Wherever you’re at, and however you feel about yourself – BJJ is a great way to grow into a more confident, resilient and well-adjusted person. If you haven’t trained yet – give it a shot. Who knows where it might take you.